Always looking for innovative team-building solutions, Ghanimé organizes various activities in which all employees can participate at the office, from their home or even during a business trip in a hotel room.

As in all team-building initiatives, the objective here is to bring teams together so they can learn to collaborate on new challenges and become even more productive together in the professional environment.
These events also aim at the well-being of each one of us. They are activities that are shared in a playful way and that simply help to release tensions, have fun and enjoy the conviviality of the different games offered.

  • THE TOTEAM: building a united team
    ntimate, friendly and heartwarming, this team building allows to increase interpersonal confidence, to share a real collaboration and to strengthen the bonds of the team.


  • SUMMERTEAM: Summer time in music and in teams!
    A team building with rhythm made of 8 fun challenges that will energize your troops and spend 60 minutes of laughter and sharing.


  • TEAM BACK TO WORK: Back to school for the teams
    Meet up with your co-workers for a friendly videoconference activity. The success of the challenges will depend on your knowledge, but above all, on your ability to communicate and listen to your teammates!
    Strengthen the cohesion of your group by having a good time full of music, quizzes and laughter!


  • LETZTEAM : Mir wëlle bleiwe wat mir sinn
    What do you know about Luxembourg? LEATZTEAM is a tricolor challenge where you will discover the Luxembourgish culture in song, taste and history.


Would you like a different theme? Do not hesitate to contact us!